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A mutual exchange is when two or more residents decide to exchange their homes. You can apply to swap homes with any council or housing association resident in the UK, providing you both have the right to exchange.

FGCH residents can register their details for free with HomeSwapper. HomeSwapper hold a national register of tenants wanting to swap and will help you to find a match. 

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Mutual exchange FAQ's

Who do I contact to start the process?

We will start to process your exchange as soon as we receive your application form. 

From 16 July you will need to access an online application process called SwapTracker.  To access SwapTracker and make your application  you need to register with HomeSwapper 

HomeSwapper Guide for Residents

SwapTracker Guide for Residents

If you have any queries or need some additional help to register online, our Resident Services Team will be happy to help you. You can contact them through our Live Chat facility or give them a call on 01462 683307.

Do I need permission to exchange my home?

Yes, you must not exchange properties with anyone unless you have written permission from both landlords. If you move without written permission from both landlords, you risk making you and your family homeless.

Could my request be refused?

Yes. For example, if the property you want to move to is too small or too large for you. Also if the property has adaptations you don’t need or if any legal action has been started against your current tenancy.

How much does it cost to exchange?

An administration charge of £250 is payable before exchange (£200 for properties with no gas supply). This charge covers the cost of essential gas and electrical safety checks.

Is there a limit to how many residents can swap?

You can either home swap with one tenant, or you could try and find a three way exchange. There is no limit to how many people you can have in your home swap chain, however the more people in the chain, the more complicated it becomes and the more likely it is to fail as there are more people who could change their mind.

How long does the process take?

If you have found someone to swap with and are ready to apply to your landlord for an exchange, click the “Apply to landlord” button on the HomeSwapper website.   You will now be taken to the SwapTracker online application form. For more information on this go to Swap Tacker User Guide For Residents

Using SwapTracker you can make your application and include supporting evidence and keep a track of progress.

There is a 42 day time limit which will countdown on SwapTracker automatically.   The countdown is a guideline rather than a 'rule' to keep all parties on-track and focussed on completion.

Can I take my pet with me?

In most cases this should be fine, as long as the property meets the criteria in our pet policy.

How can I improve my chances of an exchange?

There are our tips on preparing to exchange:

  • Make sure your home looks appealing and clean, and is clutter free.
  • Once you’ve found someone you want to swap with, arrange to view each other’s properties. It is very important to complete a thorough viewing, as any alterations and non-standard items (such as flooring and tenant repairs) will become your responsibility.
  • Take someone with you when you view for a second opinion and to help spot the condition of the property.
  • If both parties are happy and decide you want to swap, you’ll both need to give each landlord a completed application form with all your details.
  • Check what type of tenancy your swap partner has and what you will be given – this can vary depending on the landlord.
  • Clear any rent arrears. You will not be allowed to exchange if you owe rent, or charges or have other breaches of tenancy.

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