Homes for Ukraine

First Garden Cities Homes stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine during the current conflict. We are working with our local authority partners to offer support to help those who have fled to the UK seeking refuge.

Some of our residents will be very keen to help and we want to give you our full support in doing this.

The Government launched its Homes for Ukraine scheme which allows people living in the UK to host refugees in their homes for at least six months, if they satisfy government checks. All the details can be found  here, along with answers to key questions that you may have.

As your landlord all we ask is that you inform us that you would like to take part in the scheme so that we can check whether there will be any impact to your tenancy.  An example of this would be, for instance, a restriction on the age or number of people who can live in your home.  

To inform us and discuss further please email


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