We want our performance to be open and transparent, so you can see how well we're doing and where we are trying to improve.

As a new organisation FGCH will be publishing it's first set of formal financial papers and its Annual Report to residents later this year; and our performance and in particular how we ensure Value for Money (VFM) will be a key aspect of this.

Both legacy organisations, HCHA and WGCHA, had a background of strong financial management where costs were understood and controlled, and comparisons were made with similar peer organisations to ensure that services provided were relevant and effective and met local needs and aspirations.

FGCH will continue these traditions and will work in line with the VFM guidance from the Regulator of Social Housing to measure performance and report this information in a clear and acccessible way.


FGCH Annual Report 2019-20

FGCH Financial Statements 31 March 2020  



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