Letchworth Garden Shed - A library of things!

An exciting new partnership has allowed us to offer residents pre-paid membership to the Letchworth Garden Shed borrowing library. 

A borrowing library is a ‘library of things’ offering members access to literally hundreds of useful items for your home, project, party, or adventure.

In return for a small weekly fee, members can borrow items such as a pizza oven, a carpet cleaner, camping equipment and lawn mowers.

For a full list of items just visit the Letchworth Garden Shed website

To request a pre-paid membership please email our Tenancy Sustainment Team tenancysupport@fgch.co.uk  and If you know a FGCH neighbour or friend who you think would benefit from a membership, please get in touch.

A library or things

Welcome to the library of things:  L-R Harry Williams (Letchworth Garden Shed), Alison Hilton ( FGCH Tenancy Sustainment Officer) and our first pre paid residents, Miss Bracey and Miss Brown

A library of things 2

Doing our bit:  Letchworth Garden Shed also fix items and bring them back into community use saving them from landfill.