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In this section we provide useful information to help you understand your tenancy agreement.

When you become a resident of FGCH, you sign a tenancy agreement which explains our responsibilities as your landlord, and your rights and responsibilities as the tenant.

Please read our  Tenancy Policy 276KB  for more information or browse through the sections below.  If you have any queries, please return our Contact Us form.

Types of Tenancy Agreements

You will have one of the following agreements:

  • lifetime secure or assured tenancy (this is the most common and most likely if you moved in prior to June 2013)
  • fixed term tenancy (introduced in June 2013 for new residents)
  • starter/probationary tenancy, leading on to an assured or fixed term tenancy (introduced in June 2013 for new tenants subject to a probationary period of 12 months)
  • An assured shorthold tenancy (if you are not eligible for one of the above tenancies)
  • licence agreement (if you live in an Almshouse)

Security of Tenure (How long you can stay in your home)

Provided that the property continues to be your main home, you pay your rent and you notify us if you are going away for an extended period, your tenancy is safe. 

If you are going to be away for an extended period, please let us know how you can be contacted and when you expect to return, or we may consider that you have abandoned your home.

Remember that you may not receive housing benefit if you are away from home for a while - speak to your local Council for more information about your claim.

We will not interfere with your right to live in your home unless:

  • We have given you reasonable notice (usually 24 hours) that we need to come into your home
  • You do not keep to the terms of your tenancy agreement
  • A court grants a possession order entitling us to take possession of your home
  • You fail to use the property as your sole or principal home

Ending a Tenancy

If you wish to move out, you must give us one month’s notice in writing by completing our  Termination of Tenancy Form 228KB   We will keep in touch with you about what needs to happen before the keys are returned.

Ending another person's tenancy

You can end a tenancy on behalf of a relative or friend (for example, if the resident has died or has moved into residential care and is not able to end their own tenancy). Please return our Contact Us form and we will get back to you to help you through this process.

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