Repairs advice and responsibilities

We've brought together some common repairs and maintenance advice, which may help you to resolve problems yourself or indicate when you need to forward something on to us. 

Scroll down and drop us a message if we can help with anything.

Blocked drains

If you experience a blocked drain that won't unblock using a plunger or a shop-bought product, please report it to us as a repair.  Most blockages can be avoided by disposing of wet wipes and non-biodegradable items in your refuse.

How to prevent clogs in your drains

Please note, in circumstances where a blockage could have been avoided we may pass the cost onto you.

Bursts & Leaks

If you have a burst pipe or serious leak:

  • Turn off the mains water stopcock (usually found under the kitchen sink or in the airing cupboard)
  • Turn off the boiler and immersion heater immediately
  • Turn on all the taps in your home to drain off all the water in the system
  • Do not touch any electrics in the property
  • Call us on 0800 7830 827 (or the emergency number 0300 3030 029 if out of office hours) to arrange for one of our maintenance operatives to attend.

Frozen Pipes

If water freezes in pipes or cisterns, it can cause serious damage. If you are going away in winter, even for a short period, you should ask someone to look after your home and keep it heated if possible. If you have to leave your home unheated during the winter, you should take the following precautions:

  • Turn off the central heating boiler and immersion heater (if you have one)
  • Turn off the mains water stopcock (usually found under the kitchen sink or airing cupboard)
  • Drain off all the water from the system by turning on all the taps in your home.

Smoke detectors

If we have fitted hard-wired smoke detectors in your home, these are serviced annually by our heating engineers (if you have gas central heating), or by our own maintenance operatives (if your heating is electric or oil fired).

Please note that hard-wired smoke detectors have batteries fitted, even though they are wired in to the mains. This is to ensure that, should there be an electrical problem, the alarm will still be activated.

If we have fitted battery sealed-unit smoke detectors, these are replaced every seven years as part of our cyclical maintenance programme.

We provide and maintain carbon monoxide detectors to any property with a gas appliance, as part of the annual servicing programme.

Electric fires

If you have any electric fires that we may have given, these were gifted to you and therefore you are responsible for maintaining and replacing these.  


We will install/maintain the privacy panel close to your home.  We usually install post and wire fencing between our properties and chain link fencing along a rear boundary (depending what your property backs on to). 

If you want to erect your own fencing, you will need to write to us to request permission, enclosing a plan of the area and details of the fencing.  You will be responsible for maintaining this fencing.

Any fencing that is non-standard when you move in, ie panel fencing, will become your responsibility as it would not have been erected by us. 


We will board up and make safe any damaged glass.  We will not charge you for this service.  However, it is your responsbility to arrange and pay for new glass.  We encourage all residents to take out home contents insurance which covers accidental damage to fixed glass.

Heating and hot water

Please check the following before reporting a repair (to avoid charges for unnecessary visits):

  • Has your gas meter got credit on it?
  • If your heating is controlled by a Hive or similar application provided by your gas supplier, does your heating work without using the application?  If it is the controller/application that is faulty, you need to contact your gas supplier.


Most residents are responsible for replacing all lightbulbs and external lights throughout the home.  We replace lightbulbs for residents who live in our sheltered schemes.

Lock outs

We do not hold spare door keys for our homes.  If you find yourself locked out of your home, we suggest you contact a local locksmith to get you back in safely. 

If you live in one of our sheltered schemes, you should contact your Scheme Manager.


It is a condition of your tenancy that loft spaces remain empty as we may need clear access to carry out maintenance works.

Loft spaces are not designed for storage and can increase the risk of condensation forming in your home and damaging your belongings.  There is also a risk of falling through unsupported ceilings.


Garages should only be used to store your vehicle.

We have a few separate garages available to rent.  If you are interested please contact our Resident Services Team to ask about the waiting list.


You are responsible for all wooden, metal or plastic sheds or out buildings.

Outside taps

You are responsible for repairs and maintenance to any outside taps in your home.

Please ensure any leaks are dealt with promptly to avoid any maintenance issues developing.

Toilet seats

You are responsible for repairing or replacing toilet seats.

TV Aerial

If you live in a house, you will find a TV aerial point on the wall in the living room and a co-axial cable leading up to the roof space for you to install an aerial. 

If you live in a flat, you are connected to a digital master aerial system.

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