Universal Credit

What is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit (UC) is one benefit which has replaced the following six benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Income-based Employment and Support Allowance
  • Working Tax Credit.


How will it affect me?

  • When you move on to Universal Credit you will receive your rent money in with your Universal Credit, so will need to  and will  need to pay it to us, preferably by Direct debit.
  • You will get all your benefits in one payment of the same date each month.
  • This payment will include the amount for your rent (if you previously received Housing Benefit your rent will no longer be paid directly to us) so you’ll need to pay this to us directly. Setting up a Direct Debit is easiest.
  • If you’re a couple living together and both of you are claiming UC, you’ll generally receive one joint monthly payment
  • UC is paid in arrears. That means it takes a minimum of 5 weeks before you receive your first payment, so you’ll need to have some savings to get you by while you’re waiting. If you think you'll struggle during this time or if you're already behind with your rent please contact us now

What you need to do

When you know you are moving onto Universal Credit get in touch with us. We can help you with the process.

  • Make sure you’ve got access to a computer or smart phone
  • Set up a bank account if you don’t already have one - let us know if you need help with this
  • Try and make sure you’ve got some savings to cover your rent, food and other essential costs while you’re waiting for your first UC payment
  • Start thinking about how you will budget monthly

As your circumstances change you may find your housing benefit ends and you are invited to Claim Universal Credit. You should not ignore this and make an online claim.

If you'd like help with Universal Credit, return our Contact Us form and we will get back to you.

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