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Adapting to change - The latest update from our Chief Executive

Dear Residents,

It’s a well worn phrase that the only constant in life is change, and that is what we’ve seen since I last wrote to you.

The initial optimism as lockdown eased has been tempered with the threat of a second spike as cases appear to be rising again.  At FGCH this has impacted on us in a number of ways.  We have seen alarm bells ring in Central Bedfordshire with a surge of positive tests in August. We had to quickly develop procedures for minimising the risk to these residents, and our staff, just as we did back at the beginning of the lockdown in March.

Whilst most of our staff have been back in the office every second week since June (we have a Team A/Team B rota in place to allow social distancing), we saw the return of the remainder of our colleagues in early September – coinciding with schools opening.  This in itself presents a new challenge as we have already seen some schools close again, either partially or fully, in response to positive tests.  This of course impacts on our staff and residents with school age children.

Despite these on-going challenges we are progressing well.  We have a number of planned maintenance projects on site (mainly external works to limit human contact where possible) and have cleared much of the backlog of repairs which built up through the lockdown.

If you contact us regarding any services please remember that if you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or have been contacted by the NHS Test and Trace service then you must tell us so we can potentially re-schedule your appointment.

Just a reminder that we still believe the safest way for us to communicate with you is via the phone, email or electronically (our live web chat is available throughout normal working hours).

In addition though, since mid-August we have been offering appointments at our offices in limited situations where a face to face meeting is particularly helpful. Please call us if you would like to book an appointment and we can arrange it for you, as well as tell you about the safety measures in place when you visit.

Once again, best wishes to you and your families, thank you for your perseverance and please keep an eye on this website for updates.

Kind regards,

John Welch

Chief Executive

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