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Adapting to change - The latest update from our Chief Executive

Dear Residents,

Opening a letter to you with a comment about change is becoming a little bit of a cliché – but here we are again!

Sadly, the optimism we had of avoiding a second spike has faded into a realisation that cases are increasing again and we are now at the beginning of Lockdown 2.0.

Once again at FGCH we have had to be fleet of foot and change the way we run things and deliver services, but we rapidly realised that this current situation is not like March.  We are not prohibited from undertaking as many activities as we were earlier in the year. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, we are now far better equipped in terms of our own knowledge and PPE (masks, gloves, hand gel etc.) to deliver these services in a COVID safe way – for both you and our staff. 

We will continue to deliver a full repairs service in the way that we have been over the last few months.  However, we do know that some of you may prefer to defer some less urgent internal repairs until after the lockdown.  If this is your preference, then do please still contact us and we can log the repair and contact you at a later date about carrying out the work. 

Essential safety work in your home, such as the servicing of gas boilers will also continue.  These are things that really cannot wait and we would ask for your co-operation to allow access to our engineers to carry out this work please. It will of course be carried out in safe manner.

In a swift reversal of recent weeks, our office based staff have had to revert to spending the majority of their time working from home.  However, we do have a small office presence for few hours each week just to carry out those things we can’t from outside the office.

Although we have had to temporarily suspend our in-office appointment system, you can continue to contact us safely by email, electronically (our live web chat is available on our website throughout normal working hours) or by phone.

In our sheltered schemes things will carry on as normal with full cleaning and maintenance services.  However, our Scheme Managers will be on site for less time each day.  The only potential change here would be in the event of 2 or more confirmed COVID cases in a scheme.  In this situation, to protect both residents and staff, we would revert to an emergency repair service only for 14 days.

Please remember, when contacting us regarding any services,  if you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or have been contacted by the NHS Test and Trace service, then you must tell us so we can potentially re-schedule your appointment.

Once again, best wishes to you and your families, thank you for your perseverance and please keep an eye on our website for updates.

Kind regards,

John Welch,

Chief Executive


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