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Easing out of lockdown - latest update from our Chief Executive

Dear Residents,

Things have certainly moved on since I last wrote to you in early May when we were still in the midst of the total lock down.  In a few short weeks, we have moved to a point where you can now shop, enjoy a drink in a pub and even get a haircut.  We know this is very much getting “back to normal” but of course it can’t be completely normal as the virus is still here, and remains a threat to every one of us if we grow too complacent.

So how have things changed at FGCH since the easing of lockdown; and what is our approach?  As you will have read we have prioritised the safety of you, our residents, and of course our staff.  At the same time we know we need to take steps to move from the restrictions of the total lockdown.

With this in mind we have sought to slowly resume some of the more routine services we had suspended, but only as and when it is safe to do so. By now, many of you will have seen the resumption of essential grounds maintenance and the return of cleaners to our sheltered housing schemes and blocks with communal areas.

In late June our office based staff also began to return to work in a reduced capacity. In addition we have now begun to re-service some of the empty properties we had put on hold.  Clearly, Covid has only added to the need for housing, and so it’s a priority for us to make these available to families that so desperately need them.  We also hope to begin work on our empty sheltered properties too. 

As an organisation that places itself within the wider community we know how important it is that we are able to communicate with you in all sorts of ways.  We have managed to do this via the telephone, email and the internet during lockdown, but sometimes there is no real substitute for meeting you in person.  While we have no immediate plans for re-opening the offices for impromptu visits, we are looking at ways to offer safe visits, by appointment, where there is no practical alternative.

Best wishes to you and your families and thank you for bearing with us.  Please keep an eye on this website for further updates.

Kind regards,

John Welch

Chief Executive

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